Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs release new single and tour dates

Newcastle’s Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs have partnered with Consequence of Sound’s Heavy Consequence to premiere the brilliantly disturbing video for their second single, Rubbernecker.

The track appears on the band’s third full length Viscerals, out via Rocket Recordings on April 3. It follows the previously-released video for the fearsome album opener Reducer, which has a battle cry of ‘Ego kills everything’ that brings a philosophical bent to its Sabbathian abjection, here.

“The lyrics of Rubbernecker explore feelings of desperation and eroding senses of community in a world that’s seemingly gone completely mad,” says singer Matt Baty. “The central character is the clown, who attempts to detach himself from the world he observes as chaotic and unruly. The more he isolates himself, the more he yearns for kinship but the ever growing forces that reinforce his terror of the outside keep him rooted in his confinement. It’s a sad song really.”

Director Rafael Bonilla, Jr. adds, “The video is about the band being trapped in limbo and forced to perform in a circus for the dead kids that reside there. They are watched over by a clown that kills them off one by one, kind of like a slasher film, which entertains the kids more than the circus acts. A lot of the imagery in the video is inspired by the painting The Harrowing of Hell by Hieronymous Bosch.”

Pigsx7 have effortlessly broadened their horizons without sacrificing one iota of their trademark eccentricity, and the personality of this band has never been stronger. “We’re a peculiar bunch of people – a precarious balance of passion, intensity and the absurd” notes Baty. Indeed, locked into a tight deadline in the studio, the band were forced to rally forces and to throw everything they had into created as concise and powerful a statement as could be summoned forth. “We booked dates in Sam’s studio before we’d written 80% of the album” reveals guitarist Adam Ian Sykes, “We definitely thrive under pressure. It’s stressful but that stress seems to manifest itself in a positive way”.

This record is their most far-reaching album yet, its ability to get down to the nitty-gritty of the human condition is implicit from its title outwards. “Viscerals is a reflection of many things I guess” says guitarist Sam Grant, whose Blank Studios was the venue in question for the band (whose rogues gallery is completed by bassist John-Michael Hedley and drummer Christopher Morley). “It’s the internal; it’s our health and physicality; it’s bodily and unseen; it’s essence that forgoes intellect; and it’s not a real word!”

“At times it feels like we’re on a playground roundabout and there’s a fanatical group of people pushing it to turn faster” reckons Baty. “Then when it’s at peak speed they all jump on too and for just a few minutes we all feel liberated, together.” Such is the relentless momentum of this unique and ever-porcine outfit; hedonists of the grittiest and most life-affirming ride in the land, and still the hungriest animals at the rock trough.

The band perform at the Stylus in Leeds on April 24th, and the Leadmill in Sheffield on November 12th.