Pizzatramp/Incisions – Do you Know Who You Look Like?

Do You Know Who You Look Like? is a new split EP from British punkers Pizzatramp and Incisions, with the EP containing two tracks from each band.

By Jane Howkins

If you’re into either of these bands already, then the contents of this EP shouldn’t be too surprising. They’re both punk bands first and foremost, and the songs here don’t diverge too much from the usual sound of either of those bands. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, as they’re both very skilled at what they do, and fans of Pizzatramp and Incisions should find something to like here – it may even open both bands up to fans of the other band who hadn’t considered listening to them before, which is good news in our books!

The songs soar with fast riffs and distorted vocals, and we would say that both bands are more within the hardcore genre of punk, with harsh vocal styles mixing together well with a frenetic barrage of drums and fast guitar riffs. It never really lets up over these four songs, although we particularly enjoyed the breakdowns in Pizzatramp’s final track Noise Emergency 3000, which added a bit of variety to proceedings.

Those that aren’t fans of this style of music won’t find much to change their minds, however punk fans (and particularly those into the more hardcore styles of the genre) should find something to enjoy here, even if it is short (and sweet). Do You Know Who You Look Like? acts as a nice stopgap between Incisions and Pizzatramp releasing longer releases, so this is a must have for fans of those bands.