Brassick – 2.0

2.0 is the latest album to be released by British punk band Brassick, and it’s a fantastic sophomore effort. The band have been on our radar for a few years after seeing them at the Manchester Punk Festival, and we’re pleased to see that their second album is finally being released!

By Jane Howkins

Brassick are a female fronted punk band, with their music reminding us of the early years of The Distillers. That’s probably a bit of a lazy comparison, but it’s the closest thing we can think of, and it’s certainly not a bad thing! The vocals are harsh in a similar way but they totally suit the style of song that they’re writing, and the guitar riffs are also great.

One of the thing that impressed us so much was the energy on display here. From start to finish, 2.0 provides a frenetic burst of energy that really makes you want to get up and do something. First track Vultures of the Poor is a perfect example of this, with the track immediately assaulting your ears from the get go. There are some slower moments, but even those tracks eventually go into full punk mode, with next track They Say being a good example of this.

As expected from a band in this genre, the lyrical content is mostly political. The previously aforementioned track They Say contains the lyrics “going to war to prevent a war” within the chorus, which gives listeners an idea of which side of the political fence Brassick stand on. It’s great to hear a band so passionate about their ideals carrying the punk torch for a younger generation, especially with so much turmoil going on in the world at the moment.

Their music may sound harsh at times, but there is a sense of melody within these songs as well, with A Half Life being one of the band’s most melodic tracks (check that chorus out!) 2.0 is a fantastic second album for Brassick, and one that those into the punk genre should enjoy – check it out now!