The Black Swan Announce Virtual Folk Club

York’s The Black Swan have announced that they will be hosting a virtual Folk Club due to the Covid 19 pandemic – more information can be found below.

“Hello everyone,

A quick update and I promise not to use the word unprecedented (too late!-ed.).
Hope you’re all well and coping. Our main news is to say that to fill the void we’ve been organising a ‘virtual’ folk club on YouTube every Thursday night. We started about a month ago and quite a few of you seem to be tuning in. We’re not deleting any of the virtual club nights so they’re up there on YouTube for the duration if you’ve missed any. A new one is posted every Thursday.”

“To access the club nights go to and search for the Black Swan Folk Club York UK channel. The direct link is:-

“There you select Playlists and that brings up all the club nights. Each one is listed as a separate Playlist. We’re trying to keep to the schedule as planned so you can see videos of the guests and residents who would’ve been performing on that date. That’s not always possible and there are some changes, but it’s close. Of course the thing about a ‘virtual’ club night is that you can bring in some special guests who normally wouldn’t have been there. If you enjoy viewing the videos please subscribe to the channel or ‘like’ the clips and that gives us a good idea of the audience we have.”

“Back to ‘real’ gigs and everything is pretty much the same as mentioned in our last newsletter with a few revised dates now confirmed.. As we said we’ll be carrying out a review of where we stand at the end of this month and so here’s what is currently planned.”

Keep tuned for more info about upcoming gigs!