Bad Cop Bad Cop – The Ride

The Ride is the new album from punk rockers Bad Cop Bad Cop, and we’re pleased to announce that the girls haven’t lost any of their punk fury – if anything, they’ve gained even more ferocity!

By Jane Howkins

There isn’t much different here to previous efforts, so those expecting another frenetic run through the punk rulebook will know what to expect here. Most of these tracks feature fast riffs, catchy melodies, and wonderful three part harmonies, with the girls combining together elements of skate punk, melodic hardcore and pop-punk to make something that sounds utterly wonderful. They’ve always had a great ear for a catchy melody, and after a couple of listens you’ll have some of these songs already stuck in your head.

Bad Cop Bad Cop have always been political, and they never seem to let up on the politics here. Certain Kind Of Monster repeats the refrain ‘Don’t call people illegal’, indicating which side of the political fence the band sit. It’s great to hear a band that are this into politics at the moment – sometimes it feels like all the great political bands are gone. Bad Cop Bad Cop are a great example of how to do political music justice, and in a musical world dominated by men, it’s good to hear an all female group that are this good.

One of our main criticisms of the album is that it sounds a little too sickly sweet at times – there’s nothing wrong with good pop-punk music, but there are occasional moments where it sounds a little too much here. Sometimes it does sound a little punk by numbers, but that’s not to say these tracks aren’t good.

It’s a good thing that the production isn’t too sleek here, as if it were,  it might sound a little too clean to us. The guitars sound like buzzsaws and the vocals have a wonderful rawness to them that makes listening a pleasure, with The Ride generally being a lot rawer than their previous record, Warriors. It does get a little cheesy at times, and the lead vocal style doesn’t always sound entirely genuine, but if you can overlook that then there’s lots to love here.

The Ride is one of the better punk albums to be released so far this year, and we really do see good things in the future for Bad Cop Bad Cop. Proving your sincerity is one of the hardest things for a punk band to do, but once that last hurdle is cleared, the world will finally be theirs for the taking.