Album Review: Seasick Steve – Love & Peace

Love & Peace is the latest album to be released by acclaimed blues-rock musician Seasick Steve, with this latest release providing more of the same. Current fans will be pleased with the new tracks, however we did find them becoming a little samey after a while.

By Jane Howkins

Steve is incredibly talented, with his whiskey-soured vocal style working magically well with his guitar playing. He has a great talent for creating unique sounding blues riffs, and Love & Peace is no exception. He’s known for his more rocky numbers, but tracks such as I Will Do For You also provide a slightly slower pace, and there’s something of an eerie, desert rock-esque feel to some of these tracks that makes it all feel quite haunting at times.

It’s good to hear things changed up a little, however most of the songs here are still in typical Steve style, featuring upbeat melodies and rhythms that will have listeners dancing along in no time. This is the main flaw we saw with Love & Peace – whilst Steve is undoubtedly talented, it does get a little samey after a while, with not much here to distinguish this record from previous ones. He’s definitely on the right path forward as there are some differences here, but more would be welcome next time around.

There’s a definite theme to the album, with the title being quite apt. The first track is also titled Love & Peace, and has a very positive message to it. We love this side of Steve, and it’s interesting to hear him going down this road lyrically. It also helps that it’s a fantastic track, being one of the stand-out songs from the album.

All in all, Love & Peace is a good record, but we do think that Seasick Steve could do with changing things up a little more next time around. There are signs of progression though, and at the end of the day, if it’s not broke, then why fix it?