Creeper – Sex, Death & the Infinite Void

Sex, Death & the Infinite Void is the latest album to be released by punk band Creeper. They’ve been making waves across the UK over the past few years and have been poised for huge success. Hopefully with the release of this latest album Creeper will be able to rise above their peers and gain the fame they deserve.

By Jane Howkins

Whilst they’re often characterised as being a punk band, Creeper are quite interesting in that they bring in a lot of other elements from different genres. The first track proper, Be My End, features a surf guitar riff that oddly fits with the rest of the song, immediately giving them the edge over all the other generic punk bands out there. We’ve always felt that there was something of a 50s/60s sound to Creeper’s music, and it’s great to see them embracing this more. It makes for a really interesting listen and sets the band far apart from their peers.

Creeper are a punk band of sorts, but they also somehow manage to be incredibly catchy (check out Annabelle and Cyanide for examples). Punk purists may find this off-putting, but we reckon that there’s nothing wrong with a catchy song if it’s good. Fans of AFI and My Chemical Romance should find more to love here than your average OI! fanwith moments of goth rock also present. Paradise fits this theme quite well, but also features a saxophone solo towards the end of the song, showing once again that Creeper are a band that aren’t afraid to experiment and try new things out.

Most of the tracks featured on this album seem to have a slower tempo than the punk music that Creeper were originally known for, with songs like Thorns Of Love having an extremely anthemic rock feel to it. Four Years Ago features female vocals, and has more of a folky feel. These tracks still sound like Creeper songs, but the way they’ve branched out and matured in such a short space of time is astonishing. Fans of their older work may be a little put off by these changes, but the signs were always there, and the tracks here are still brilliant to listen to.

Simply put, Sex, Death & the Infinite Void is a fantastic album, and one that should hopefully propel Creeper into the spotlight – god knows, they deserve it with the quality of this album. It’s great to listen to a band that have managed to successfully mature their sound, without giving up too much of what made them great originally.