Biffy Clyro – A Celebration Of Endings

Biffy Clyro have had a good time over the past decade. Since the release of Puzzle all those years ago, the band have swept into the mainstream, going from playing small clubs to headlining festivals. However, longtime fans of the band found themselves somewhat dismayed by this, as their music also seemed to change. In the past, their albums were somewhat heavier than now, featuring odd melodies and mathrock rhythms. Their latter releases have strayed from their traditional sound, with most of their later tracks being firmly contained within the mainstream pop-rock style. So how does A Celebration Of Endings add up then?

By Jane Howkins

It’s definitely something of a return to form, with heavier melodies and anternative time signatures appearing in some of the tracks. First track North Of No South opens the album with some interesting guitar melodies and time signatures, although the band still manage to keep it catchy enough for their newer fans. End Of was also one of the heavier songs, and we absolutely loved it – it’s one of our favourite songs on the album.

However, older fans will be disappointed by some of the songs here, as whilst Biffy do have some heavier tracks on this album, there are also quite a few pop-rock ones. The Champ and Space are both catchy in their own ways but they also sound a little like filler to us. There’s nothing that instantly grabs us about this style of song which is disappointing, but maybe we need to listen to them more to really appreciate them.

Instant History is a little different, featuring electronic elements on the chorus – an area that Biffy Clyro haven’t really ventured down before. The final song, Cop Syrup, is very heavy but also features a lush orchestral sequence at the end of the track – also something that we’ve not really heard the band do before. It’s good to hear them changing things up, and this helps to redeem the other songs somewhat.

A Celebration Of Endings is an interesting album, and it’s great to hear Biffy Clyro trying something new. However, there are still some filler tracks here, and we would like to hear the band move further away from their pop-rock sound and back to their roots in the future if possible. This is definitely a return to form though, and there is enough here to recommend that even the older fans purchase it!