Katrina from Katrina & the Waves – Hearts, Loves & Babys

Hearts, Loves & Babys is the new album to be released by Katrina, more commonly known as being the frontwoman of the popular band Katrina & the Waves. Whilst she is perhaps more well known for her work within the band, Katrina’s solo work is well worth checking out, as this new release shows.

By Jane Howkins

Katrina has written most of the music on display here, showing her to be a very competent songwriter. In Katrina & the Waves, Kimberly Rew wrote much of the band’s music, so it’s good to hear Katrina branching out more here. In fact, she actually wrote/co-wrote 9 of the 10 tracks on offer here, showing just how good her songwriting skills actually are. Lyrically, the music on the album looks at many aspects of Katrina’s personal life, as well as her love for road trips and driving.

The only track not written by Katrina is her cover of Judy Garlands’s I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, a mellow track on which Katrina showcases her beautiful voice to the world. Covers don’t always come off very well, but we’re pleased to say that Katrina has worked her usual magic here, and the track sounds great.

Drive was the lead single from the album, with the song featuring a driving rhythm, an upbeat melody, and some catchy hooks that will have fans dancing along in no time. It’s catchy but it never sounds too mainstream pop to us, which is definitely a good thing!

I Want To Love Again is another stand out track for us. It has a slightly slower melody, but there’s still an upbeat feel to it, and it features yet another wonderful hook. We’re reminded somewhat of Blondie’s last couple of albums (which we enjoyed a lot), and Katrina has clearly matured as an artist in a fabulous way. Despite the new wave influence, there’s also something of an alternative country feel to things, and it’s great to hear Katrina mixing genres up a bit.

All in all, Hearts, Loves and Babys is a cracking solo album, and one that we feel fans will love. It might finally bring Katrina out from under the shadow of her previous band, showing her to be a talented musician and songwriter in her own right. You can purchase the new album from August 28th 2020 onwards.