SpaceAcre – Overthrown

We recently reviewed the new single by SpaceAcre called Way Over, and after checking that track out, we just knew that we had to listen to their new EP, titled Overthrown. The alt-pop duo are certainly very talented, with Overthrown showing very good things in their future.

By Jane Howkins

Overthrown is a 5 track EP, and we’re pleased to say that there isn’t a bad song on the whole EP! Opener Landslides starts off slow, with Phoebe Little’s vocals mixing well with the subtle melodies of the track. Something that we also found very interesting was the use of birdsong in the background of the song, providing an ethereal feel to things. The ending of the track changes somewhat, with an electronic sci-fi style melody that shows another side to SpaceAcre’s music.

The songs available here are introspective, and the alternate time signatures present in their songs are very welcome. I Thought You’d Never Ask is an instrumental piece, with the main instrumentation coming from a string section that has a haunting quality to it – despite being instrumental, this is one of our favourite tracks on the EP.

Next track, So, I’ll Run On, is more of an electronic piece, with a buzzing electro melody running underneath Phoebe’s soft vocals. It’s more of an upbeat track than the others, and we love the pulsating rhythm that moves throughout the track, giving it something of a spacey feel. The title track is next and has a similar feel to the first song, with a quiet, bass melody running underneath Phoebe’s vocals. The chorus is absolutely beautiful, and there is so much going on in the background of the track that it will take fans a few listens to truly hear everything.

The final song is Way Over, the track that we reviewed recently. We loved the song when we first listened to it (prompting this review), and we recommend our readers check this track out first. It’s probably the catchiest of all the songs on offer here, with a chorus that will worm its way inside your head almost immediately.

Overall, Overthrown is a fantastic EP, and one that we highly recommend our readers check out. SpaceAcre are an incredibly talented duo, and it’s great to hear artists experimenting and trying something new, especially when it works out this well!