Album Review: Knuckle Puck – 20/20

20/20 is the latest album to be released from rising pop-punk stars Knuckle Puck, with all eyes set on the band to see if they’ve managed to deliver on this, their third full release.

By Jane Howkins

It’s been a tough year all round, and naming the album 20/20 can’t be much of a coincidence. Thankfully though, Knuckle Puck have decided to put a positive spin on things, with the majority of the songs here being fairly uplifting. There are still some love songs, but most of the tracks focus more on the wider world, and the band have managed to mature their sound in an astounding way. This is exactly the sort of music we need to hear with everything that has occurred in 2020 so far, and we highly recommend our readers check it out for this reason alone, even if the musical style isn’t something you would normally listen to.

20/20 also sounds more polished than previous efforts – this isn’t always a good thing, but here it most definitely is. Crunchy guitar riffs mix with typical pop-punk vocals, with a catchy melodies also on display here. The songs are a little more poppy than one might expect from Knuckle Puck, but this only plays to their strengths as songwriters, and it’s still rocky enough to appeal to those who are fans of more harder styles of music.

Our only real criticism is that they haven’t changed their sound enough. At times, it all gets a little too sickly sweet, and the pop-punk vocal style does get a little much after a while. However, this isn’t something that fans of the band/genre should have much issue with – after all, they wouldn’t be listening to it if they didn’t enjoy this type of music.

Overall, 20/20 is a fantastic album, and it’s been released at just the right time. It’s great to hear something that sounds so uplifting, and we can’t wait to hear where Knuckle Puck take their sound next time around. Maybe they can do a Brand New and mature their sound even more next time around – here’s hoping from us!