Discovery: Phillip Michael-Scales

Tell Me How I Sound Again is the latest release from Phillip Michael-Scales, an American singer-songwriter and musician with an important message for the world.

By Jane Howkins

Lyrically, the track is about the discomfort that can come from being the only Black person in the room, which is something that many white people may not understand – by listening to music like this it can help us to understand the experiences of others, and treat them better from that understanding. This seems especially poignant considering the re-emergence of the BLM movement after the murder of George Floyd this year, and we really think it’s an important topic to highlight.

Musically, Tell Me How I Sound Again is a slow burning rock track, also containing elements of the blues, folk and indie music. The atmosphere created by the song is addictive, and it sounds extremely dark. It’s a really interesting track in terms of both music and lyrics, and we highly recommend our readers check it out, which you can do below: