Leeds Band Micko & the Mellotronics Release New Single

With their debut album rapidly approaching, MICKO & THE MELLOTRONICS today show-off another of its finest cuts: Psychedelic Shirt. Dressing to impress, the new single is paired with a brightly coloured and bespoke animated video that needs to be seen.

Watch Here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ-U5jC3qzM

In a true coming-of-age tale that unfolds like an episode of The Inbetweeners set in the 1980s, Psychedelic Shirt takes us back to an era where the culturally cool was at loggerheads with Thatcherite careerism. An era where tribalism was rife, and no-less-so than on the dancefloors of the local disco. 
It’s a familiar set-up that any teenager trying to fit-in has inevitably found themselves in. Right shirt, wrong crowd. Or vice-versa perhaps…

A mise-en-scène of kaleidoscopic sound effects and time tunnel guitars, the Mellotronics transport their trademark new-wave sound through a psychedelic-tinted wormhole with invigorating results. The track was produced, arranged & mixed by Jon Klein (Banshees/Specimen/Batcave club) and Micko Wesmoreland.

Micko & The Mellotronics release ½ dove – ½ pigeon into the wild on 27 November 2020, available via Landline Records and distributed by Republic of Music.