New Music: GEORGIE – At Home

Mansfield native GEORGIE is set to release her debut studio album ‘At Home’ on physical media tomorrow

By Mark Wright

Mansfield born singer songwriter GEORGIE first appeared on York Calling back in 2016 while she was on tour with Jake Bugg, and her connection with the singer has continued since then, with her debut studio album ‘At Home’ set to receive a physical release tomorrow (Friday the 8th) on Soul Kitchen Recordings, the label established by Jake Bugg’s management, Soul Kitchen.

Coming off the back of a UK tour with The Lighthouse Family, GEORGIE suddenly found herself in the midst of lockdown just like the rest of us; but only lead to greater creativity in her home studio and unsurprisingly inspired the title, ‘At Home’.

The album itself is very impressive as it shifts and moves between styles across its length, while still maintaining its core concept and aesthetic, which is most apparent in the gradual shift from the layered, almost folky sound of opening track ‘Company’ to the hi-hats reminiscent of hip-hop on the penultimate ‘Me And You Only’. The fact that these two so easily sit together is testament to GEORGIE’s song writing ability, as well as the clear heart of the album.

Throughout the album what really shines out is GEORGIE’s vocal quality, which at the same time is recognisable and powerful, while also possessing dreamy or ethereal qualities on some tracks. Reverb is prominent in the production style, and this works very well with GEORGIE’s vocal quality as well as the deeply relatable and reflective lyrical content. The track ‘Unrequited Love’ has a particularly strong vocal performance, and the entire track with its driven singing and electronic drum sounds reminded me very strongly of The National, a band one might not expect to associate with an album like this, but the vocals and sparse arrangement for me are very evocative of post-punk.

The track ‘Chasing Kites’ too shows a great depth to GEORGIE’s repertoire, as this track feels very contemporary while still holding on to core elements of music from previous decades. It is without a doubt the closest this album comes to pop, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this track found its way onto big-name Spotify playlists in the near future. Unsurprisingly, this track has more streams on Soundcloud than any other on the album, clocking in at a very respectable 181 at the time of my writing this, though I don’t doubt that it will grow in the future.

Make sure to check out GEORGIE’s album ‘At Home’ via a link to her Soundcloud below and to try and pick up a copy of this album on physical media, and to grab Soul Kitchen Recording’s bundle deal, which includes ‘At Home’ as well as a signed copy of ‘GEORGIE Live!’