Mystery Jets Come to Yorkshire This April

Mystery Jets are unique for the unusual network of relationships at their centre: Blaine and Will have known each other since nursery school; drummer Kapil Trivedi joined them in 2003 as a teenager and – famously – Blaine’s father Henry Harrison, once a touring member, remains an invaluable part of their creative process, a “conduit” for ideas and a “walking library” of literary references, taking the band’s lyrical sketches and pulling extra reading from his shelves to help them expand their thoughts. Bass player Jack Flanagan joined the band five years ago and instantly meshed with their sensibilities.

Exploding on to the indie scene in the mid noughties from beginnings on London’s Eel Pie Island, Mystery Jets have always ploughed their own musical furrow. While so many of their more two-dimensional peers have long since faded away, what’s kept Mystery Jets consistently fascinating over the last fifteen years has been an itchy footed desire to keep trying new things. From follow up Twenty One’s dazzling jumble of electro, off kilter indie and suit-jacket-sleeves-rolled-up yacht rock, Serotonin’s well-buffed melodies and the dust-stained Americana of 2012’s Radlands, to be a follower of Mystery Jets’ music has been to eagerly await the next move of their restlessly curious muse. The band released their critically acclaimed album Curve of the Earth in 2016, which featured the Ivor Novello nominated track Telomere.

The band will perform at the 02 Academy in Leeds on April 9th and The Welly in Hull on April 10th 2021.