Album Review: Drones – Our Hell Is Right Here

Drones triumphantly return with a second instalment of fist-pumping punk and post-hardcore

By Mark Wright

Our Hell Is Right Here is the second full album to be released by punk and hardcore group Drones. Released on the 12 February 2021 by Lockjaw Records and Thousand Island Recordings in North America, Our Hell is Right Here represents the end of a journey for the five-piece, as the road to getting this album to release has been bumpy due to quarantine restrictions and even the band’s guitarist moving on at the back end of the recording process.

Drones themselves have built a name for themselves performing energetic and raucous live shows up and down the country, supporting the likes of Marmozets and Neck Deep, as well as a slot at Download Festival. The band is fronted by Lois McDougall, and it is always encouraging to see women being represented in what historically has been a male dominated genre.

Our Hell Is Right Here stands out for its impressive and consistent performances across the board by all five members of the band showing clear skill and talent for their respective instruments. The album is anthemic without a doubt, with opening track Please Vacate the Planet being a particular standout to me on that front. The titular track too carries on this vein and is supported by guest vocals provided by Ren Aldridge of Petrol Girls. While overwhelmingly being energetic and powerful, the album also provides moments of more peace and calm, such as the track Listen which features acoustic guitar, strings and a more toned-down vocal performance. Similarly, the outro of the track Learn leaves the listener room for reflection in its almost Cranberries-esque guitar track.

This said, the album’s overall energetic performance gives it a cathartic quality, which is aided in no small part by the lyrical content of each track expressing thoughts and feelings across a broad spectrum of human emotion. My personal favourite track is VOID, as it draws together the individual elements I enjoyed off of each track into one solid unit, providing a very satisfying and enjoyable listening experience.

Make sure to check out Drones’ new album, Our Hell Is Right Here, via the link below.