Interview – Fudge.

Explosive Leeds four-piece Fudge. have a new EP coming out soon, titled The Town Hall Session. Despite the Covid pandemic, the band have still managed to produce some new music, and are eagerly awaiting the time when they can start playing gigs again. Find out more in our chat below…

By Jane Howkins

You recently released a new single titled Your Fall from Grace. What can you tell us about that?

The song itself is probably our most conservative tune in our opinion. Otto calls it ‘the quiet one’ like it’s a mute Star Wars character. But it’s actually still fucking loud and of course we get a stinky riff in there as well, but it’s more dynamic and it undulates more than any other song we’ve written. It definitely goes on a journey. 

Cam: The song is different from the others. The song describes talking to a future partner, someone who will have a big part in your life, and all the stupid shit you get up to. It’s looking back from the future and seeing whether they’re still together or not, but the memories are worth it. It’s almost a euphoric rebellious love song.

Otto: We love that tune, man. A lot of people have said it’s their favourite too. I personally just like that it’s our ‘quietest’ song, yet it still bangs HARD.

The track was released as part of Independent Venue Week. How did you get involved in that? Is that DIY aspect quite important to you as a band?

The original plan was to record another live session during IVW in cooperation with the IVW organisers, Richard Watson from Leeds 360 Club and Leeds Hyde Park Book Club, to be released along with the YFFG Leeds Town Hall live session. But you know what made sure to thwart those plans. The least we could do at that point was to release the live session to help promote the Leeds Town Hall venue and Leeds as a city. There are some amazing independent venues in our city and they are in absolute jeopardy now more than ever, so a big shout out to IVW, The Music Venue Trust and Help Musicians for all the work they are doing to help support our independent scene so we actually have something to go back to after COVID.

Cam: It got sorted by the boys. I just like playing fat gigs.

Otto: IVW have been interested in us for a while now and we had plans to go and play a really big show for them somewhere down south but obviously that never happened. Then it was meant to be a live session, and then, well … COVID. The DIY aspect is massively important to us and I feel that everyone should do it DIY. It shows a certain level of authenticity, I think.

You’re from Leeds – what is the music scene like there at the moment? And are there any local bands you can recommend we check out?

Angus: The band is from Leeds but at this moment we are all separated and there’s only Cam in Leeds right now. It’s hard to comment on exactly what the scene is like there at the minute because I’m so out of touch with it. However, ordinarily there is a huge wealth of diversity there and you can find all sorts music from all sorts of cultural backgrounds. It’s truly great. There was a thriving jazz/electronic/alternative scene which was amazing to be immersed in, so I would have to recommend Long Legged Creatures for you to check out. They incorporate a lot of the Leeds vibe so they’re real cool.

Due to COVID it’s pretty wanky but, you just wait, when we’re allowed to gig again we’ll be all that’s worth seeing in the music scene.

Honestly, I have no idea. Since there have so few gigs and get-togethers I have found it really hard to stay in the loop with what’s going on. It’s usually chatting to people at gigs that you find out the newest cool projects and stuff. I have no doubt it will absolutely pop afterwards, though.

Do you have further singles planned for release in the near future?

Yes, we have one more: 9/10 – pronounced ‘nine times out of ten’. We go a bit mental in this next tune so be ready for some silly riffs and lyrics that sum up Leeds Hyde Park pretty much down to a tee.

Yes, and a cheeky EP.

We do! But we don’t know when. Since the whole world is on pause right now for the foreseeable future, we don’t want to just blow our load all in one go, y’know?

The track comes from your upcoming EP, titled The Town Hall Session. What can you tell us about that?

We were extremely fortunate to get into the immense Leeds Town Hall to record pretty much as many songs as we could manage, and from it came this 5-song EP. We visited the Hall twice, from which we got the three singles and their videos from the first visit, and the final two tunes (my personal favourites) in the second session. It’ll make your head explode, I promise.

We recorded our songs live in the Town Hall, got some videos and it’s all pretty phat.

Otto: 5 tracks, 5 bangers. All recorded completely live and in one take. We love it man! We hope you do too!

Do you have any plans to release a studio album or EP after the release of The Town Hall Session?

Angus: I
t would be nice to keep releasing tune after tune but we are seriously restricted at the present moment with COVID, our time and money. I’m sure we’ll get something new together as soon as we’re all back together again, though.

Yeah, we’ve got plenty of songs!

We would love to. Not an album but an EP for sure.

Has the pandemic hindered the writing and recording of future material at all?

Yeah, as aforementioned it certainly has. I’m considered to be in the ‘high risk’ category, so I’ve had to isolate for nearly a year now, which sucks. We’ve each been concentrating on our instruments amongst other things so as soon as this nightmare is over we’ll be straight back on that horse.

Don’t get me started on this fucking pandemic. I hate it and want to play gigs. But we’ve got plenty of material to work on and we have the desire to write beast tunes.

Otto: It has hindered us massively. I’m usually the guy that gets the ball rolling on a new tune despite the fact we all have equal amounts of input on the finished product. I’ve found it really hard to stay focused on music and writing, because I don’t see an end to it yet. I’ve written a few new ones and we have some stuff to work on when all this is lifted. I don’t think it will be an issue, though. We can write songs quickly when we want a new one.

Do you have plans to tour once the pandemic is over?

Yes, all the time, non-stop. I question anyone who doesn’t just want to be at a gig every night when we’re allowed to again. It’s going to be like the 60s – not that I know what the 60s was like, mind.

Yeah, fingers crossed.

Otto: We definitely do. We had plans to tour beforehand as well, but this time it will be bigger and better.

You had some festival dates booked for last year at Live at Leeds and The Great Escape in Brighton, which sadly had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. Do you have plans to perform at any festivals later this year or next year?

I can’t imagine any festivals will be happening this year, to be honest, but as soon as we can leave the house without everyone being a danger to other people, then you can be sure we’ll be at any festival who will have us.

Cam: Every festival we can.

Mate, yes. Always. We live for festivals. What better time of year is there than when we are at a festival?

Any last words for the fans?

Angus: Less than 7 hours of sleep at night is really bad for you xx

Cam: Stay safe, times are uncertain, and they fuck with your head.

Otto: Big up your nan, look after her and keep her safe, cos she’s got a gig to come to after this is over.

Check out Your Fall From Grace below: