Album Review: No Use For A Name – Rarities Vol. 2: The Originals

As you may have guessed from the title of this album, Rarities Vol. 2: The Originals, is a compilation of original tracks by punk rock band No Use For A Name. Their previous collection consisted of covers the band have done, whereas this compilation consists solely of original tracks, which may appeal to longtime fans more. But is it worth getting? Read on below to find out more!

By Jane Howkins

No Use For A Name have built up quite a following within the punk scene over the past few decades, and it’s a crying shame that they aren’t as well known as some of their peers, as their music shows here. This album consists of 15 songs that are made up entirely of rarities and demos, and apparently it took three years for them to scour their back catalogue and come up with these tracks, so a lot of thought has certainly gone into the making of this compilation album.

There are some alternate takes of tracks that fans will already know, however most of the songs on display are new, or at the least, extremely rare. Compilation albums can be a mixed bag at times, so it’s fantastic to see that some real effort has gone into the making of this one, especially considering that most of the songs will be new to all but the most diehard of fans.

The production quality isn’t always as good as it should be (although that’s to be expected somewhat from an album consisting of rarities and demos), and this was particularly noticeable on demo tracks such as Justified Black Eye. Whilst it’s great to hear the songs as they were originally recorded, it might have been nice for the production to have been improved a little.

All in all, Rarities Vol. 2: The Originals comes highly recommended to No Use For A Name fans – it’s that rare compilation album that actually provides something new, so we definitely recommend that both casual and diehard fans pick this up.