Discovery: Sadness and Complete Disappointment

Midlands alt-rockers, Sadness and Complete Disappointment are set to release their debut EP, Fun, tomorrow.

By Mark Wright

Sadness and Complete Disappointment without a doubt are part of the long lineage of alternative rock and punk sounds. Sonic Youth, Hole, Soundgarden and The Smashing Pumpkins are particularly evident as inspirations for the EP.

The link to The Smashing Pumpkins is most evident to my ears in the guitar tone and instrumentation of Monotony, the first track, as the fuzzy distorted guitar tones and booming drums grasp the same chewy and satisfying sound that one could find on Gish or Siamese Dream. This point regarding instrumental sound leads in neatly to another stand out element of the EP, which is the production. Fun is well produced and left without over-adornment, which allows the instruments and vocals to come across loud and clear to the listener. In addition to this, the performances which come across so clearly are all of great quality, with the vocal performances being particular standouts in tracks like Survivor’s Guilt where the listener is presented with layers of voices on top of one and other to build an overall full and rich sound.

For a debut EP, Fun feels very self-assured and confident, which is a testament to the band members themselves and their clear belief in the music. This is particularly telling if one takes the time to recognise the context of this EP being made over a backdrop of what drummer and vocalist, Esme, describes as ‘Something too benign to be called anguish’. Because of this context, the EP takes on a cathartic quality.

For any fans of alt-rock or punk stylings, this EP is a must listen upon its release. Make sure to check out Sadness and Complete Disappointment’s SoundCloud below.