New Music: Miles And The Chain Gang

Miles and the Chain Gang return with an infectious earworm.

By Mark Wright

All of Our Lives, the new single from York natives, Miles and the Chain Gang, is a catchy and infectious bit of poppy folk. From the get-go, the intro of this track really caught my ear and my attention was only heightened when the vocals courtesy of Miles Salter kick in. Lyrically, this single quickly grabs the listener with its relatable and realistic content, which while not always being all sunshine and rainbows still projects an air of optimism, driven primarily by the melody and instantly catchy hook.

Miles and the Chain Gang cite Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan as a couple of their influences and listening to this track I would say these influences are evident are used to their full effect without appearing derivative. Additionally, I would take this one step further and say that this track would be perfect for any fans of Billy Bragg due to the immediately likeable acoustic instrumentation and personal lyrics.

Make sure to check out Miles and the Chain Gang and listen out for this track on Jorvik Radio next week.