Album Review: Space Cadet – Lion On A Leash

Lion On A Leash is a new album release from Space Cadet, a band consisting of Dave Walsh and Matt Hock, previous members of punk legends The Explosion. Their work with Space Cadet is a little different to what older fans might expect, but it’s of no less importance than their other work, displaying a slightly different side to Dave and Matt’s music.

By Jane Howkins

The punk elements are still present here, so fans of Dave and Matt’s previous work should find something to love here. It’s great to hear them branching out a little and trying something new though, and we would say there is more of an indie/post-punk feel to the tracks on Lion On A Leash. The change in style isn’t too dissimilar from their punk days though, so older fans shouldn’t worry too much about this.

There are also elements of new wave, synthpop and what sounds like quite a big 80s influence present on the album. I found Slö to be a particularly interesting track, with the song being an instrumental piece with a dreamy guitar melody – it’s certainly very different from the music these musicians made with The Explosion, but it’s a welcome change all the same. Start Running Away features Brian Baker (Bad Religion, Minor Threat) on guitar and the album itself was produced by Pete Steinkopf (Bouncing Souls), which I also found to be very impressive.

Lion On A Leash is one of those albums that may take a little while to get into, but if you make the effort it’s definitely worth it. It’s fantastic to hear Dave Walsh & Matt Hock trying something new and it seems to work for the most part. We would recommend checking out songs like Start Running Away and Forever In A While first as those are perhaps the most accessible, but the whole thing is worth listening to, for old and new fans alike!