Album Review: The Snuts – W.L.

W.L. is the long awaited debut release from Scottish indie rockers The Snuts, with the big question on everyone’s lips being whether it was worth the wait or not. We’re pleased to say that W.L. is a very impressive first album release, and fans of the band’s previous work will find much to love here.

By Jane Howkins

For those uninitiated, The Snuts produce indie music not unlike the indie rock that became popular in the mid noughties – some people may be put off by this due to the slew of uninspired indie bands that emerged in that area, but we highly recommend you give their music a chance, as there is much more to it than just being ‘landfill indie’.

The band have a real rock and roll swagger to their sound, immediately giving their music an authentic feel. Vocalist Jack Cochrane has a voice that sounds like it was made for performing rock music, and the bluesy guitar licks that run throughout the songs have a real groove to them – one stand out for us in this regard was Juan Belmonte, which has a really bluesy feel to it.

As with many rock bands nowadays, there are also a lot of electronic elements present in these songs, providing quite a range of sounds to The Snuts’ music. We understand the comparisons to the naughties indie movement, but it’s a bit of a lazy comparison considering the modern elements the band bring to the table here, and it sounds like they are certainly trying to make their own mark on the music business, and fair play to them for that!

Lyrically, the songs chronicle the lives of the band members in their homeland of West Lothian, right through to their lives as performing musicians. It makes for an interesting listen, and it really helped us to understand the sense of pride that The Snuts have created in their local area. Our only real issue with W.L. is that it seems a little long at times – we listened to the deluxe edition which contains 17 songs, and whilst we mostly enjoyed the tracks on offer here, it does come across as a little bloated at times. It’s not a massive problem though, so don’t let that put you off!

W.L. is an impressive debut album and one that should appeal to fans of rock and indie music in general. We particularly enjoyed the way The Snuts have managed to combine together elements of modern indie rock music with the best bits of the noughties scene, and it will be interesting to see where they go next – their future certainly looks bright!