Album Review: Frank Turner – England Keep My Bones (10th Anniversary Edition)

Over the past decade or so, Frank Turner has become quite the household name in the UK, building up a name for himself as a solo artist by touring relentlessly and producing his own unique brand of folk-punk. This year was the ten year anniversary of his fourth album release, England Keep My Bones, and to celebrate the release Frank has decided to reissue the album with some added extras.

By Jane Howkins

Like with most reissues, the real question here is whether this new edition is worth purchasing for those who already own a copy of the original album release. England Keep My Bones is a classic Frank Turner album and if you’ve never heard it before then it definitely comes recommended from me as the definitive edition – the songs here really do display Frank’s sound well and there are a mixture of folk songs and heavier songs (such as One Foot Before The Other), showing the depth of Frank’s music. Peggy Sang The Blues & I Still Believe are also firm favourites of mine, as well as being fan favourites.

The new edition comes complete with a CD full of live demos which were recorded before the album itself, showing the progression between Frank writing the songs and recording them in their studio versions. There are also some acoustic versions of the songs here – admittedly a lot of the songs on the album have an acoustic sound to them already, but it’s still interesting to hear the tracks performed in this way.

Casual fans who already own England Keep My Bones might not see this reissue as a necessary purchase, but die-hard fans and those new to Frank’s music should definitely purchase this version, as it really is the definitive version of the album. It’s also pleasing to hear that the songs on England Keep My Bones have stood the test of time, showing just how classic Frank’s songwriting style is.