EP Review: Blood Red Shoes – Ø

Blood Red Shoes are a British duo from the Brighton area, consisting of Laura-Mary Carter on vocals and guitar, and Steven Ansell on vocals and drums. They’ve slowly been building a bit of a reputation for themselves of late and are often seen at British festivals, and I’ve always found myself slightly intrigued by their music. New EP Ø contains 6 tracks of differing styles, showing just how much they’ve grown over the years.

By Jane Howkins

It might be fair to say that Blood Red Shoes have shed their garage rock sound over the years – they’re still obviously within the rock genre, but they’ve expanded their sound a lot, which I think is fantastic. Opener Water is an instrumental piece with quite a dreamy feel to it, whereas next song Misery Loves Company kicks things up a notch, with groovy guitar licks and a cool, upbeat rhythm being the aim of the game there.

Closer On The Hook is perhaps the heaviest track here, but it also features quite an experimental outro. It’s great to hear the differences between Carter and Ansell’s vocals on the different songs – they’re definitely doing something different from the norm. I also really enjoyed the electronic elements on the EP – rock music really needs to evolve if it’s going to have a resurgence, and bands like Blood Red Shoes are leading the way.

Ø is quite experimental sounding in parts and it might not be the best place for new fans to start with Blood Red Shoes’ music, but it’s worth checking out for current fans and acts as a nice stop-gap in between full album releases, so check it out if you can!