Album Review: Rise Against – Nowhere Generation

Rise Against are a punk band that have been going for several decades now – there has been some controversy amongst fans over the years due to their sound changing from a punk sound to a more general rock sound, so it was always going to be interesting to hear how Nowhere Generation turned out. Read on below to see what I thought of it!

By Jane Howkins

Lyrically, Rise Against are still very much a punk band, with the lyrics on Nowhere Generation being very much based around world issues that are being passed down to the new generations, hence the title of the album. Lyrics about the failures of capitalism, climate change and the debt crisis abound, and I feel that it’s very important for artists to be singing about things like this and raising more awareness to these issues.

Musically, the tracks on Nowhere Generation follow Rise Against’s later career trajectory – most of the songs here seem to fit into their more modern sound and at times it does sound a little fillery – one of my main issues is that there don’t seem to be many stand out tracks, although after a few listens it does get better. Forfeit is possibly the biggest departure for the band, with the track being an acoustic ballad full of strings – they’ve done acoustic songs before, but Forfeit sounds different somehow, and it’s great to hear Rise Against trying something a little different.

Fans of Rise Against’s earlier work may find Nowhere Generation a more challenging listen but there are still some punkier tracks on offer here, but it definitely sways more towards their more modern sound. They’ve still got a lot of anger and passion and it’s great to hear that the politics are still a major part of the band’s sound, but it’s a shame that musically they seem to have broken further away from their punk roots.