EP Review: George Ko – Under The Peach Tree

George Ko is a pianist and composer from Los Angeles in the USA – Under The Peach Tree is his latest EP to be released, consisting of four lush piano compositions.

By Jane Howkins

The four songs on the EP are a musical journey through the four seasons, taking place in the landscape of an everchanging peach orchard, hence the title of the EP. It’s quite a short EP, with the entire thing consisting of around ten minutes of pretty classical music, but it seems to be much more about quality than quantity with George’s music, which is definitely a good thing to me! The songs seem to flow seamlessly into each other, and I would recommend listening to the EP in order in its entirety.

Nectarines is the first song and it’s also the shortest track on the EP, acting as a nice opener to Under The Peach Tree. It has quite a jazzy feel to it and starts off sounding quite fast, however the track has a subtle beauty to it, which emerges more towards the end.

Slumber is the next song on the EP and it’s my favourite song here so far. It has much more of a mellow feel to it than Nectarines and there’s a simple beauty to it that I found to be really evocative. If you only listen to one song from Under The Peach Tree, then make sure that it’s this one!

The penultimate track on Under The Peach Tree is Harvest, which is possible the slowest song here. The track shows yet another side of George’s composition skills – the simplicity of the track makes it sound very haunting at times.

Blossoms is the final song on the EP, acting as a nice closer to Under The Peach Tree – it seems to demonstrate a lot of the motifs present on the other songs here, with both jazzy and classical elements present in the piece. George’s piano skills really come to light here and I would be very interested to see him perform one day.

All in all, Under The Peach Tree is a interesting EP from an up and coming composer and I will certainly be keeping an ear out for George Ko’s music in the near future! Due to the classical nature of the EP, it won’t be for everyone, but those into this style of music should definitely check it out. Check out George’s social media pages below to find out more and listen to the EP.