EP Review: Odaiba – Night Wanderer

Odaiba is a French musician and producer who has recently released a new EP titled Night Wanderer. Odaiba’s music is probably best described as being within the EDM/dance music genres, which isn’t something I’m normally too into if I’m being perfectly honest, but I really liked Odaiba’s music so thought it was worth giving the EP a whirl!

By Jane Howkins

There are 6 tracks on Night Wanderer, making for quite a long EP, although the songs themselves are all around the 3/4 minute mark. His music is funky and also contains moments of disco and soul as well as the obvious house/dance elements, making Odaiba’s music stand out a little from the norm.

The first song on the EP is Straight Ahead which starts the EP off with quite a mellow feel, acting as a nice opener. The main rhythm is infectious and whilst the track does stick to this rhythm quite solidly, the bass sounds epic and I liked the little flourishes and other melodies added along the way.

Crossover is the next song, having quite a disco feel to it. Once again, the bass is the star of the show here (something that you might notice about a lot of Odaiba’s tracks) and I could really imagine myself dancing to this track in a club – most of the songs here are quite mellow sounding and it really does have that effortless cool feel about it.

Passenger is the third song on the EP – it starts out a little differently from the previous songs with a more modern house feel to it. I really liked the main melody here – it’s understated but it does the job perfectly and it sounded quite beautiful at times. It’s the longest song on the EP and I really liked the funky guitar melodies, mixing well with the basslines.

Wrong Way is up next, starting with quite an interesting percussive beat. It makes for quite a nice change in pace to the other tracks on display here, and I really liked the synth melody that runs throughout, although being one of the more experimental songs here, it won’t be for everyone.

The penultimate song on Night Wanderer is Parabellum, which has quite a dark feel to it. Once again, I loved the bass melody and the background percussion is really interesting here, although it does have more of a straightforward house beat to it than Wrong Way. The atmosphere of the track is quite dark (most of the songs here seem to have a similar atmosphere, fitting the EP title well), which I loved.

Last, but certainly not least is Time Out, which feels quite tribal at times – particularly due to the percussive style. It has a very rhythmic feel to it and acts as a perfect closing track, with the melodies and vocals providing a feeling of elation when listening to it.

Night Wanderer is a fantastic EP for those into this style of music, and I predict big things for Odaiba in the near future. It’s great to hear a house/EDM artist trying something a little different, and I really enjoyed the different genres Odaiba puts into his music and the atmosphere created, so make sure you check his music out!