Album Review: AFI – Bodies

Bodies is the new album by punk band AFI (although their sound has changed to a more rock sound, which is often a bane of contention for older fans). Bodies sees the band changing their sound once more, with more of a synthy feel to the music on offer here – older fans may not enjoy the change in style so much, but newer fans should find a lot to love here.

By Jane Howkins

Bodies definitely has more in common with the album AFI released in 2017, commonly called The Blood Album. The tracks here have more of a post-punk feel to them, as well as containing elements of electronic music, gothic elements and rock – there’s also something of an 80s feel to it. The band have moved quite far away from their punk days, but it would be boring if they never changed their sound and I actually like the new sound AFI have (an unpopular opinion to hold perhaps). The only issue with this is it sometimes seems like their influences take hold too much (The Cure seem to be a huge influence) but there is enough here to differentiate AFI’s music from their peers.

The punk elements are still there though, underpinning AFI’s more modern sound. Songs such as Begging For Trouble and Twisted Tongues display something of a punk feel, but it’s more of a pop-punk feel and sounds a lot different from AFI’s early hardcore punk days. The final song on the album is possibly the most experimental (for AFI anyway) – The Wind That Carries Me Away is a bluesy track that almost sounds like it’s from a different era altogether, making for a very interesting closing song.

Bodies is a good album overall and there is enough here for AFI fans of all their different eras to enjoy, however those wanting more of a hardcore punk sound may go wanting. Those that are willing to grow with the band will get more out of this, and it’s good to hear them experimenting more and changing their sound further.