EP Review: Madison Deaver – Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied is the latest EP to be released by Madison Deaver, a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and musician with quite a catchy sound to her music.

By Jane Howkins

Tongue Tied is her debut EP which makes it seem all the more impressive. Her songwriting is on point and the production quality sounds very good too. Madison’s music is poppy and does have some electronic elements to it too, but there is enough substance here to separate her music from a lot of the manufactured mainstream music in the charts at the moment, which is a plus for me!

Entertained is a very strong opener, showing Madison’s attitude off to the world. It’s a very punchy track and I loved Madison’s lyrical style, showing just how good her songwriting talents are early on. It’s catchy but there’s also a certain rock and roll attitude to it, which I loved.

The next song is Conscience, which is still poppy, but has something of a rock feel to it – there’s almost a pop-punk sound to the track, showing the breadth of Madison’s songwriting talents. Her vocals sound fantastic here and I liked the mix between the heavier choruses and the slower verses.

Next up is That’s What She Said, which was my favourite song on the EP. It’s an incredibly catchy track and the chorus has a really anthemic feel to it to the point where I found myself unable to stop listening to it. This was the main single to be released from the EP and it’s easy to see why – if you only listen to one song off the EP make sure it’s That’s What She Said.

Fire With Fire is the penultimate song here, starting off with a really catchy, bouncy rhythm that is made up by the bass and piano. It sounds perfect for dancing along to, showing a more funky and jazzy sound to Madison’s music. The chorus is really catchy here and I loved the chord sequences Madison uses on this song.

The last track on the EP is Villain, which acts as quite a nice closer with its slowed-down tempo. The track really helps to showcase Madison’s vocals off to the world and I loved the little guitar melodies in the background and the strings – it sounds very atmospheric and slowly builds up the tension as the song continues.

I really enjoyed listening to Tongue Tied and will be checking out more of Madison’s stuff in the near future – it’s a fantastic EP and one that shows off a range of different styles, made all the more impressive by the fact that this is her debut release. Make sure you check out her socials below – you can find the EP on her Spotify page too.