EP Review: The Nautical Theme – Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed

The Nautical Theme are a folk duo from Dayton, Ohio in the USA, with Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed being their latest EP to be released. There is a theme to the EP, with each of the three songs present on the EP quite literally representing something old, something new and something borrowed, making for quite an interesting concept overall.

By Jane Howkins

The Nautical Theme’s music is folky in a modern way, with all of the tracks here being slow burners that feature beautiful vocal harmonies accompanied by lovely piano and guitar melodies. First track Somewhere Just Okay (But Not Alright) kicks the EP off with a beautiful, soft guitar melody, introducing the gorgeous vocal harmonies almost instantly. The harmonies work perfectly together and this is one of the things that really made The Nautical Theme’s music stand out to me. The songwriting is top notch as well – you can tell that this is a folk duo at the top of their game, and one that should hopefully start to gain more traction within the musical community soon.

Next up is All My Faith which has a similar sound to the previous song, but showcases a slightly more upbeat feel to it – the main guitar melody sounds very skillful (yet effortless) to my ears and the track feels a little more positive (musically at least) than the previous song. The addition of the strings towards the back end of the song were lovely and really helped to add to the track.

The last song on the EP is a little surprising for this style of music – it’s a cover of pop-punk/alt-rock band Jimmy Eat World’s track Kill – I was a little shocked that a folk band would be covering music by a band who play the sort of music Jimmy Eat World do, but apparently The Nautical Theme are big fans of a lot of artists/bands from the alt-rock music, showing that they have quite wide influences. Their version sounds quite different to the original but manages to stand on its own and acts as the ‘something borrowed’ here – fans of the original should definitely check this version out as whilst it is rather different from the original, it sounds simply stunning here.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed is a fascinating EP acting as a nice little stop-gap between The Nautical Theme’s album releases. It’s a really interesting concept and I genuinely found their music to be very beautiful – the songwriting is simply fantastic. This EP comes highly recommended from me – if you liked it then make sure to check more of The Nautical Theme’s music out!