Pave The Jungle Announce Halifax Date & New Single

Fighting fit and in fervent form – PAVE THE JUNGLE – are back with their vital new single: Picture of Health. 

Mixed by Spring King / Dead Nature maestro Tarek Musa, it’s a single that finds the Newcastle duo’s creativity in rude health and packing an unstoppable punch. 

Bleeding in the same vein of uncompromising alt/rock duos from Blood Red Shoes to Deap Valley to Honeyblood and on; what the pairing of Rachael Whittle and Scott Jeffery may lack in personnel, they more than make up for in decibels.

New single Picture of Health is a fine case in point. Through gutsy sonic thrash and a devil-may-care attitude, the duo put forward a track of incisive introspection that finds vocalist Rachael opening-up mental scars about her own underlying health issues.

“The lyrics here are probably some of my most personal… I write a lot about the health issues I experience; it’s almost as though once I’ve written about it I can detach myself from it. Like the negativity is purged from my system.” She says. “I guess many people can relate heavily to the chorus line: “I am wasting time I know; more so than ever”. We all procrastinate sometimes, even when we know the thing that needs doing is ultimately good for us!”

As brutalist guitars clash with piledriving percussives and esoteric organ maneuverings, the duo create a live-wire like frisson of sounds that build to a cataclysmic apex of searing intensity. Inspired by the simple, melodic and potent bass lines used by Pixies to drive some of their most definitive moments, Pave The Jungle emulate the tactics of their heroes to take their definitively anarchistic arrangements to new levels of stadium-quaking amplification and ambition. 

As the nation’s own Picture of Health begins to look decidedly peachier, Pave The Jungle are also pleased to announce a full UK tour this autumn. They will perform at The Grayston Unity in Halifax on 5th November 2021.