Sheffield Band Sheafs Release New Single & Announce Tour Dates

SHEAFS are back with their first music of 2021, the invigorating new single: Spectator.

Released on 13th August, Sheffield’s brightest post/punk hopes step-up the stakes with one of their most engrossing cuts to date.

“Behind the face, scenarios no one can see” hisses frontman Lawrence Feenstra in a track that puts humanity’s voyeuristic people-watching habits under a closer lens.

Speaking about the track, SHEAFS say:

Spectator is one of the most recent songs we’ve written. Even from the roughest of demos, we thought something special and captivating was there. It’s written with the idea of ‘people watching’ and playing the role of a spectator. The idea of looking at someone and not knowing who or how they truly are.”

Written during the first lockdown, Spectator is haunted by the shadowy presence of the period; its overarching mood and ominous underbelly palpable throughout.

Marking a significant shift in gear for the Yorkshire five piece, Spectator is fluid, progressive and dark to the core. Reminiscent of Bauhaus and early Cure, as reverb drenched guitars dual and clash, its seismic rhythms lead stealth-like time shifts destined to catch the listener off-guard. One of their most complex recordings to date, Spectator was created with two-time Grammy award-winning producer Adrian Bushby (Foo Fighters, Muse). Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios also provided final mastering.

Spectator is the first new music to emerge from SHEAFS since their acclaimed debut EP, Vox Pop, which was released in March 2020. Produced by Dead Nature/Spring King talent Tarek Musa and Jonathan Hucks, it was an EP that witnessed a band finding their voice and realising their potential across 4 tracks that confronted frustrations with our consumerist world. Using the pandemic that has elapsed since, SHEAFS have spent the time wisely to plan their next move and laying the blueprint for what is expected to form their long awaited debut album.

Following a hometown appearance at Tramlines Festival in July, the band now look forward to resuming their electrifying duties on the live stage. Picking up their postponed support slots with The Slow Readers Club, SHEAFS will be joining the band on five of their UK tour dates in Sheffield, Liverpool, Nottingham, Cambridge, London and Leeds this autumn.

They will support The Slow Readers Club at The Foundry in Sheffield on 25th September and will also perform at Ghost Road Fest at the Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds on 7th November.