EP Review: World’s First Cinema – Rituals

We’ve featured World’s First Cinema’s music here several times recently so I thought it was time to finally check their debut EP out, which is titled Rituals.

By Jane Howkins

Rituals contains 5 tracks in total – for those unaware of World’s First Cinema’s music, they’re mostly a rock band, but they do have elements of pop, electro and indie present in their music as well. Opening track Can’t Feel Anything is one of the three singles released from the EP before it was released, and the slow build up within the song makes it sound like a nice opener. The tempo and dynamic changes really help to create an atmosphere and the guitar melodies are really groovy to listen to.

The next track is Red Run Cold, with the song being one of the other singles released by the band before the release of the EP. Red Run Cold starts off slow with quite a mellow feel to it, before the electronic elements kick in, adding a new sound to World’s First Cinema’s sound. It’s one of the poppiest songs on the EP but the way the strings mix with the synths is fascinating, sounding very unique to me.

Cold Sets In is the third track here, starting off with a stunning violin and piano melody. The song is a slow ballad, bringing a very different change in pace to the EP compared to the other tracks on offer. It’s very beautiful and you can really feel the emotion in the vocals.

Youth On Fire is the penultimate track – it’s one of the songs we’ve reviewed separately. The main melody is incredibly catchy and the chorus has that anthemic feel to it which I love so much. It sounds really beautiful at times and it’s definitely my favourite song from the entire EP.

The last song is Red Run Cold (Twilight Version), which as you’ve probably guessed is a remake of the earlier song Red Run Cold. It’s essentially the same song but with a more stripped down, acoustic sound – it sounds a lot more mellow than the original and I liked both versions equally.

Rituals is a fantastic debut EP, showing just how talented World’s First Cinema are at songwriting. It sounds like the work of much more established band and I really do predict big things for them in the future!