EP Review: Modern Guilt – You’re Welcome

Modern Guilt are a rock band from London, with their music including elements of classic rock, hard rock and indie rock, making for an interesting overall sound. They’ve recently released a new five track EP titled You’re Welcome, and I knew I had to give the entire thing a listen after checking out opening track Double Denim.

By Jane Howkins

As previously stated, Double Denim is the opening song on You’re Welcome. It starts off slowly, building up into what initially sounds like an indie song, before the classic rock elements finally kick in. The guitar riffs are groovy and the bass rhythm also adds to this – the song is catchy, yet still manages to contain a rock and roll swagger, something I found about most of the tracks on offer here. The vocals sound gritty (which is perfect for this style of music) and I loved the backing vocals.

Hoping For The Hoping is the next song on the EP, starting off with yet another catchy guitar riff. There are riffs galore on this EP and the backing vocals are once again used to great effect here. The lead vocals sound fantastic and I found myself reminded a little of The Rolling Stones and their brand of classic rock, which is definitely a good thing to me!

One-Fifty is up next, opening with a really catchy guitar line – the upbeat rhythm and guitar melodies will have you dancing along in no time, and the vocal lines on the chorus should get stuck in your head almost instantly – it’s possibly the catchiest song on You’re Welcome, but it really works.

Penultimate song Get Along also has quite a classic rock feel to it too, although there are some synthy hints present too. I really liked the organ here and the main rhythm sounds perfect for dancing along to – I felt there was something of a Britpop influence here too.

Shadow Boxer is the final song on the EP, with the track also being my favourite here. The main melody that runs throughout the piece is fantastic and I really liked the frantic rhythm here. It has a slightly darker feel to it than the other songs, giving the track a different atmosphere.

You’re Welcome is an interesting EP that those into their classic rock and indie music should love. Whilst Modern Guilt do wear their influences on their sleeves, their music also sounds unique enough to stand on its own two feet. Check out their website and social media pages below for more info.