EP Review: Sofia Dragt – Islands

Sofia Dragt is a musician and singer-songwriter who recently released a new four track EP, titled Islands. Islands was written by Sofia during a trip to the Norwegian island of Fleinvaer (hence the title of the EP), with each of the four songs reflecting part of her visit to Fleinvaer.

By Jane Howkins

Sofia’s music combines together elements of folk and dream-pop, making music that is both dreamy and soulful to listen to. The first song on the EP is Old Boat, which starts off slowly, with her vocals mixing well with the dreamy feel of the track. It’s very evocative and it really makes you feel like you’re on a boat, floating out into the ocean.

Next up is Underwater, following the island theme of the EP. The track has quite a unique rhythm to it and is a little more upbeat than Old Boat, although it still has a mellow feel to it. The vocal melodies were particularly stunning here – Sofia has a lovely voice and the backing vocals are very beautiful on Underwater.

The third song on Islands is Another One, featuring an impressive percussion section. The percussion makes you feel like you’re floating across the water and the dreamy feel of the track only adds to this more. It has a slightly more intense atmosphere to it than the other songs on the EP, with the lyrics having more of a melancholy feel to them.

The last track is Out Of Town, which is the final single from the EP, also being the most upbeat track here (it still has a dreamy atmosphere though.) I liked the little guitar melodies that run throughout the song and Sofia’s vocals are on point as ever. It sounds as though there is a little more going on here in terms of the instrumentation of the track, making for quite a nice closing song.

Islands presents a very interesting concept for Sofia Dragt’s music and I really enjoyed the EP as a whole – it’s definitely worth listening through to it in order to fully be able to appreciate everything on offer. It will be interesting to hear what Sofia comes up with next time around – for now, check out Sofia’s website and social media pages below!