EP Review: Le Grand Salon – Dévoré Jusqu’à La Ruine

Le Grand Salon is the musical pseudonym of Quebec-born musician and composer Pier-Luc Boivin, who’s music is rather different from a lot of the stuff we usually review on here. It’s mostly classical (although there are some electronic elements present too, making for a very interesting sound. Le Grand Salon has recently released a new three track EP titled Dévoré Jusqu’à La Ruine, so we felt it was only right to give it a review! Each track is part of a three part triptych, making for quite an interesting overall concept.

By Jane Howkins

The first song is titled Dévoré Jusqu’à La Ruine: Partie I – Immobile. It starts off slowly, with the sound of waves lapping at the shore. There’s an ominious feel to the piece when it first starts up, although this does disappear as time goes on. The title of the track means Motionless in French which seems like quite a good title for the piece. As the song progresses, more electronic elements are added to the classical mix, making for an interesting sound.

Dévoré Jusqu’à La Ruine: Partie II – Éternel which translates to Eternal in French, which starts off with some bird song. The track has something of a mysterious feel to it (helped in part by the harp which opens the piece), and has much more of a classical feel to it than the previous feel. The percussion which appears later on in the track sounds rather tribal at times, adding to the mysterious sound.

The final song on the EP is Dévoré Jusqu’à La Ruine: Partie III – Monument, which sensibly translates as Monument in French. The piece has quite a discordant feel to it, with a jazzy piano melody being the main instrumentation here. The piece won’t be for everyone due to the discordant nature of it, but those into their classical music should find something to enjoy here.

Dévoré Jusqu’à La Ruine is a very interesting EP and one that shows Le Grand Salon to be a very talented composer and musician. As previously stated, his music won’t be for everyone, but those into classical music should check his music out.