Album Review: Newton Faulkner – Interference (Of Light)

Interference (Of Light) is the latest release from British singer-songwriter and musician Newton Faulkner, with the album being his first release in almost four years. Fans will have been waiting with baited breath for this release, so was it worth the wait?

By Jane Howkins

Fans of Newton’s earlier work may be a little disappointed, as the tracks here see him straying even further away from the folky sound that so dominated his music originally. There are parallels with Ed Sheeran’s music in this regard, although I’m pleased to say that Newton hasn’t gone quite so far into the commercial pop realm, with elements of folk still present here at times. Artists do need to change though and it’s good to hear Newton including other genres within his music, such as rock, funk and soul. Sinking Sand opens the album up with a bang, with a groovy melody and upbeat rhythm starting everything off in style.

Interference (Of Light) features 17 tracks in total, making for quite a long album. There’s a very soulful quality to the songs here and Newton’s voice shines through as always, only adding to the soulful feel of the album. Caged was one of my favourite songs, with the track sounding very heartfelt at times. The main melody is simple yet addictive, and I loved the rhythm of the song.

Here Tonight slows things down a little, showing Newton’s folky side once again and final track Interference (F@&k I Think it’s Love) acts as a great closing track, displaying a lovely acoustic guitar melody and a tapped guitar rhythm as percussion, harking back to Newton’s earlier days.

Interference (Of Light) is a good album and one that displays all of Newton’s musical talents off to the world. Older fans may be slightly disappointed by the change in sound but the folky aspects are still there, and I think it’s good for artists to grow in such a way, otherwise the music would just get stale. The newer elements mix well with the older styles, so old and new fans of Newton’s music should find lots to love here.