EP Review: Little Fuss – Hazy

Little Fuss are an American duo from Boston, consisting of vocalist Olivia Martinez and multi-instrumentalist Cody Van Lehmden Hazy is their debut EP, which makes it all the more impressive when considering how good it sounds!

By Jane Howkins

There are four tracks in total on the EP, with Watch Out being the opening song. This song was their debut single release back in March, and you can certainly hear why! It’s a bouncy pop song with elements of folk and rock also present – the opening melody is fantastic and the rhythm of the song sounds very unique. It’s incredibly catchy (yet it never sounds overly mainstream) and I found myself playing it on repeat. There’s a lot going on in the background so it will take a few listens to fully appreciate everything.

Human Of The Century is the next song, seeing the band playing around with more interesting rhythms and melodies here. The percussion on the entire EP is really intriguing, showing just how talented Cody’s musical skills are. The synths on the chorus are rather beautiful and mix well with Olivia’s soft vocal style.

The title track, Hazy, is up next. It starts off a little slower than the other songs on here, having a mellower feel to it. The opening melody reminded me of a lot of the soul songs that emerged during the 60s, giving a slightly different sound to the song than the others on offer here. I loved the guitar melodies on the chorus – the spidery notes really helped to create an atmosphere.

Too Close For Comfort is the final song on Hazy, with the track having more of an out and out rock style to it. The opening guitar riff is very groovy and there’s a real sense of attitude to the track that is often missing in rock music nowadays. The chorus has a throbbing beat to it and has a lighter, poppier feel to it – the change in tone between the verses and chorus is fantastic.

Hazy is a brilliant debut release and I genuinely cannot wait to hear more Little Fuss in the near future. Both members of the duo are obviously very talented and they have some really interesting musical ideas! Check out their socials below to find out more!