EP Review: Emma Hunter – Here I Go

Emma Hunter is a musician and singer-songwriter who has previously performed in the Oxford area of the UK in bands such as AmberState and The Halycons – she is currently embarking on a solo project (working alongside drummer Tom Bruce), with Here I Go being her latest release.

By Jane Howkins

The EP consists of four songs in total, with Emma’s music here probably being best described as being within the rock genre, although it also contains elements of pop and folk music. Emma has a fantastic singing voice and the songs are catchy, yet they never sound too mainstream – definitely a plus for me!

The first track on the EP is the title track Here I Go – the guitar work is particularly impressive here, with something of a spaghetti western feel to some of the guitar melodies (this description makes sense when you listen to the song). It starts off slow before kicking into a heavier mode and the flowing vocal harmonies are simply stunning.

The next song is Nightingale, which has more of a jazzy feel to it. It starts off with a slow, jazzy percussion rhythm before accelerating into a louder style of song, making for an interesting listen overall. There are some very unique dynamic changes going on here, making it one of the stand out songs from the whole EP.

Treacle Well is the penultimate track on Here I Go, starting out with layers of vocal harmonies – these harmonies create an atmosphere that is both eerie and beautiful at the same time, giving the song a haunting quality. This continues as the main instrumentation of the piece for a while, before the song erupts into a fully fledged rock song, with an intriguing percussive beat joining the track later on.

Final song Window is more of a straight forward rock song, with an arpeggio guitar line running throughout the track. There’s a real rock and roll swagger to the song and once again Emma uses her voice to great effect here, with the backing vocals harmonising well with the lead vocals and the rest of the music.

Here I Go is a fantastic EP from a very talented musician and songwriter indeed. The songs here have a real atmosphere to them and the EP as a whole evokes certain images in the mind. Emma has a fantastic singing voice which is put to good use across each of the four songs on offer here. For more information check out Emma’s website and her socials below.