EP Review: Zoé Watson – Withdrawals

Withdrawals is the latest release from Zoé Watson, a singer-songwriter and producer from the UK. It’s a 6 track EP that displays the best of the musician’s songwriting and producing prowess – her music has a very dreamy feel to it, with elements of electronica, folk, pop, ambient music and indie present, making for quite a unique overall sound.

By Jane Howkins

Rose is the opening song on the EP, displaying Zoé’s unique vocal style in great fashion. The main instrumentation comes from several synth layers and a bass rhythm – it’s quite a slow track but this only adds to the dreamy feel of the song. As with most of the tracks here, it will take a few listens to fully appreciate everything going on but it sounds utterly beautiful.

Angel is the next song up – it still has a dreamy feel to it, but the tempo is a little more upbeat than the previous track. The percussion is very interesting, with quite an echoey feel to it. I also enjoyed the flowing guitar melodies that run throughout the piece here.

Calypso starts off with a constant piano melody that flows well with the guitar notes in the background – here Zoé’s vocals float along with the music, with the music sounding almost more prominent than the vocals at times. The chorus melody is particularly haunting and you can really feel the emotion in Zoé’s voice.

Withdrawals comes next, with this song having a slightly softer sound to it. The offbeat drum beat sounds really interesting and the main synth melody that plays through the piece is stunning – it’s one of my favourite melodies on the EP (which is saying something, considering just how much there is going on here overall).

The penultimate track is Mr Wrong – one of the things that stood out to me here is was the way in which Zoé layers her vocals and uses them as backing vocals here – I was reminded a little of Enya’s work (this is a compliment, she’s a very talented producer and vocalist, even if she’s not everyone’s cup of tea). It adds an almost mystical quality to the track, being one of the most evocative songs on Withdrawals.

The final song on the EP is Somewhere Greener, which was one of my favourite songs on the whole EP. The opening synth sequence only has three chords to it but it sounds simply beautiful and I loved how the rest of the instrumentation that appears over the song adds to it, building the beauty up into layers. It’s a great closing song, and one that I highly recommend our readers check out, even if they don’t listen to the rest of the songs on Withdrawals.

Withdrawals is a fantastic EP – whilst Zoé’s music won’t be for everyone, it’s well worth checking out. There’s a real sense of beauty contained in the tracks here and the layered production style shows just how talented she really is – check out her socials below for more information!