Album Review: LUMP – Animal

LUMP is the side project of Laura Marling & Mike Lindsay of the band Tunng, with Animal being their second album release together. It’s a slight departure from the music they normally put out in their respective day jobs but there are some moments that hark back to their solo projects, with different elements added in for good measure. Neither artist had definitive plans to create a second album but I’m glad they eventually pursued the idea, as Animal is a cracking album that demonstrates both their talents well.

By Jane Howkins

The tracks on Animal do contain folk elements, but there are also moments of pop, rock, funk and psychedelic music here too. LUMP have expanded further on their debut album, with more experimentation going on here than before. The tracks vary quite wildly between styles, showing just how talented both musicians are.

Opener Bloom At Night is a good starting song – it’s one of the more upbeat tracks on Animal and was an instant favourite for me. Red Snakes is a very mellow song with an almost drone-like quality to it – the main instrumentation comes from a slow piano melody that accompanies Laura’s vocals, creating an eerie quality. A lot of the notes and chord progressions used across the songs here are very intriguing, with the album as a whole having a mystical feel to it.

One of my favourite songs on Animal is Gamma Ray – there’s a certain melody played within the song that I thought was simply beautiful and it really does sound haunting at times. Closer Phantom Limb changes things up even more, with the track being a six minute psychedelic trip with a nature theme to it.

There’s a very primal theme to the ten songs on Animal, seeing Laura Marling & Mike Lindsay heading back to their roots. The project has also allowed both artists to collaborate freely in a way that their day jobs might not otherwise allow and I really enjoyed the experimental aspects. I’m a big Laura Marling fan and I actually found myself preferring Animal to her latest album Song For Her Daughter. Hopefully Marling & Lindsay will be able to bring some of this experimentation into their solo work but in the meantime Animal comes highly recommended from me!