Album Review: The Parlophonics – A Day In The Life

The Parlophonics are an alternative rock band with some power pop elements to their music – they’ve recently released an album called A Day In The Life. What I found particularly impressive about this is that the band have never actually been together in the same room, which makes the sound of the record even more impressive!

By Jane Howkins

A Day In The Life is the opening song and also the title track of the album, acting as quite a nice introduction to The Parlophonics’ music. It kicks off with a pretty acoustic guitar melody, before the tempo kicks up a notch later on. The band have something of a 60s feel to their music and this is present from the word go. Second track These Days has a really catchy guitar melody to it that should worm its way inside your head almost instantly – I found myself unable to stop listening to it and it soon became one of my favourite songs on the album. It’s slightly softer sounding than the previous track, making it sound even more beautiful.

Staring At The Sun is the next song up and it has more of a classic 60’s feel to it – the vocal harmonies are simply gorgeous. This wasn’t one of my favourite songs from the album but those harmonies do need to be heard to be believed, adding a nice feel to the music. Feel The Light follows the same themes as the previous songs – the harmonies are back but aren’t as prominent, although the lead vocals are fantastic on their own anyway. I liked the little guitar melodies that play through the background of the track (most of the songs seem to have similar little licks) and the bass was rather prominent here.

Higher Ground has more of a rocky feel to it than some of the other songs here – there’s a real sense of rock and roll attitude on the track, made up by a combination of the rhythm, guitar riffs and the lyrics, which make for fine listening across the entire album. The lyrics were one of my favourite things about the entire album so make sure you keep an ear out for them! More Than Words marks the halfway point of A Day In The Life – I really liked the opening guitar line and the stripped down feel of the track was really nice. It’s not that dissimilar from the other songs here but it does have more of a dreamy sound to it – the vocal harmonies are also on point.

God Speed Helena starts off with a slightly different sound – the lead vocals have a different tone to them and there’s something of an eerie feel to the track at times. The percussion and guitar melodies have something of a flamenco/classical guitar feel to them, which makes it sound very different from the other songs. Make It Alright is the next track up and is one of my favourite songs here. The guitar melodies sound amazing and the chorus is infectiously catchy – just try and listen to it without getting the urge to put it on repeat!

Paper Smile is the penultimate song on the album and is perhaps the softest song here, with the track having quite a folky vibe to it. The violin was a very welcome addition, adding another string to The Parlophonics’ bow. It’s Alright is the final track on A Day In The Life, with the song having a slightly more upbeat feel to Paper Smile. The track has quite an optimistic feel to it and acts as a nice closing song for the album – I also enjoyed the little percussive flourishes in the background of the track.

A Day in The Life is a fantastic release and it’s great to hear this kind of music coming back again – I loved the 60’s feel of the songs and the production sounds fantastic, especially considering the disjointed nature of the band. If you’re into power, pop, alt rock, Britpop or 60’s music then you should find something to love here.