Album Review: Face To Face – No Way Out But Through

Punk rockers Face To Face have recently released a new album titled No Way Out But Through – they’re a band that have been on my radar for a little while but admittedly I’ve never really gotten around to listening to their music, so No Way Out But Through is my first real venture into their sound.

By Jane Howkins

Face To Face have been performing for around thirty years now and they’ve definitely honed their songwriting talents over their years together. The music they play is a form of punk that combines elements of melodic hardcore and skate punk together, with their music being the sort of thing that fans of bands such as Lagwagon and Bad Religion should enjoy.

Most of the songs here contain galloping rhythms and frantic riffs and the lyrics are also rather interesting, creating a tense atmosphere. Opener Black Eye Specialist immediately cultivates a dark atmosphere and I also really enjoyed The Long Way Down, which has something of an anthemic chorus to it. One of the things I really enjoyed about these songs is that Face To Face manage to combine together catchy melodies with a heavy feel, although as with a lot of punk music, some of the songs do tend to blend together at times – a little more variety wouldn’t go amiss.

No Way Out But Through is a good album overall and it has definitely made me want to check out more of Face To Face’s music. A little more variety would be good but for a band of this genre it isn’t really needed, and fans of punk music should find a lot to love here.