Album Review: Switchfoot – Interrobang

Interrobang is the new release from Switchfoot, a band that came to fame during the nu-metal/post-grunge years. Despite the demise of those genres, the band have continued releasing their own music over the years, with Interrobang being their latest release – but does it still have some relevance today?

By Jane Howkins

The songs on Interrobang are interestingly a lot less heavy than Switchfoot’s previous work – they’re still definitely a rock band, but the songs here have more of a modern rock/indie rock feel to them than their previous records. Whilst older fans may be put off, the change in sound is a good thing considering how much post-grunge is derided nowadays and I think it’s a good thing for artists to grow and evolve as they mature, although some of the songs here do get a little fillery after a while. It also sounds a lot more poppy than previous efforts, so it’s up to the listener to decide whether they think that’s a genuine move or simply an effort to pander to a more modern audience (or perhaps a mix of both?)

I was very impressed by the lyrics – Jon Foreman has always had a talent for songwriting and this shines through greatly on tracks such as opener Beloved – his vocals also sound fantastic. Some of the slower songs (for example, lost ’cause) do have a bit of a generic feel to them and it’s no surprise that it’s the heavier tracks that really shine through for the band. One of my favourite songs on the album was Fluorescent and I also quite enjoyed If I Were You, with both tracks having a heavier feel to them (although they’re still quite poppy in parts).

The variations in tempo were rather interesting and it’s great to hear Switchfoot trying something a little different, although I did find some of the slower songs to be a bit of a trudge at times. However, there is enough here to appeal to both old and new fans and for the most part, the songwriting on Interrobang is on point. It will be very interesting to hear what Switchfoot produce next time around, so watch this space!