Album Review: Teenage Bottlerocket – Sick Sesh!

Fans of Teenage Bottlerocket should know what to expect from their music by now as the mould hasn’t really changed that much over the years – catchy three chord punk songs with a frantic energy to them. Sick Sesh! is their newest album release and whilst it doesn’t change things up too much, there are still some great tracks to be reckoned with here.

By Jane Howkins

Those who are already fans of the band should love the songs on Sick Sesh! as it’s quite similar in style to their previous releases. Opener Semi Truck is one of my favourite songs on the album, kicking things off in style with a killer guitar riff and a fast rhythm. It’s a very high energy album and the tempo never really lets up, although this does mean that sometimes the songs do tend to blend into each other at times, with there being a bit of filler present here.

Then again, I don’t suppose anyone really expects a band such as Teenage Bottlerocket to do anything different so fans should still enjoy the songs here. Strung Out On Stress was another highlight and is one of the faster tracks on Sick Sesh! – it’s also got quite a slightly darker feel to it, as highlighted by the title of the song. Statistic continues the dark themes and shows the band singing about some more mature themes, which is a welcome change considering that pop-pop/skate-punk bands often sing about sillier subjects (although those type of songs are still here).

Sick Sesh! is a good record and one that fans of Teenage Bottlerocket and punk will enjoy. It is a bit of a safe record and it may take a few listens to get the songs to truly stand out from one another, but it’s still a solid punk album so I still recommend fans of the band check Sick Sesh! out.