Album Review: Rosenblume – Rosenblume

Rosenblume is the debut self-titled release by Liverpudlian musician and singer-songwriter Rosenblume, coming some six years after his debut EP was released. Fans have been waiting with baited breath since then and I’m pleased to say that the wait was worth it, as this album is a very well-written collection of songs, showing just how talented Rosenblume really is.

By Jane Howkins

Opener Enough To Burn is fantastic and really kicks things off with a bang. It starts off with a slow and haunting feel, with a slow organ/piano melody being the main instrumentation of the piece, alongside Rosenblume’s bluesy vocals. This carries on for several minutes before kicking into a more upbeat type of track – the vocal harmonies are also very beautiful and have a gospel feel to them.

Another favorite was Turn Every Fire, which is a soft acoustic song which highlights Rosenblume’s vocals perfectly on the chorus. The organ was a lovely surprise here and works very well with the rest of the track.

Halfway There has more of a funky/jazzy feel to it, with brass instruments providing the intro to the song. It’s very catchy and should have you on your feet dancing in no time, showing the breadth of Rosenblume’s songwriting capacity. Darkness Before The Light is more of a straight up rock song and has something of a folky feel to it, adding yet another arrow to Rosenblume’s talented bowstrings.

Not every song here quite hits the mark, but most of the tracks sound simply fantastic and it’s great to hear an artist able to write and produce music containing so many different genres and styles. I cannot wait to hear what Rosenblume comes up with next time around – here’s hoping it won’t take another six years! Rosenblume’s music contains elements of folk, rock, funk, soul, pop and indie, amongst others, so there really is something here for everyone!