Leeds Band The Calls Release New Single

Leeds trio THE CALLS have released UNTIL IT’S TIME, the new single and video to be taken from their forthcoming EP scheduled for release later this year. The single will have its launch night at a headline hometown show at 360 CLUB @ LEEDS LENDING ROOM on FRIDAY 15 OCTOBER with support from Second Rate, Silverlode and Mundane Arcane. Tickets available here: https://www.seetickets.com/

This will be the band’s first full capacity show since lockdown last year and they’re naturally eager to experience it all over again, as vocalist and songwriter Tom Fuller explains:

“We really can’t wait to get out there and play live again. It’s going to be a special occasion and we’ve got some new material that we’re excited to play for everyone. It’s a unique moment and it’ll be a fantastic show.”

The new single UNTIL IT’S TIME sees a change in outlook for the band, says Tom:

“It’s lyrically different to anything we’ve done before because it has an overtly positive message. Our songs are often riddled with self-doubt, anxiety and inner conflict of some kind but this is a song of reassurance. It comes from personal experience, but I think it’s a universal experience. We’re all capable of so much more than we realise and there aren’t enough of us saying that. We’re bombarded with media and adverts telling us how inadequate we are, feeding into modern insecurities, with no counter against it. We absorb this negative message, internalise it and don’t know where to go with it. The fact is that if we try, we can be whoever we want to be and achieve whatever we want. It just takes time, patience and work.”

UNTIL IT’S TIME is the follow up to the band’s previous single Way Far Out, one that further elaborates on the band’s strength and defiance to rarely, if ever, play it by the book.

Hailing from the thriving bedrock of Leeds, THE CALLS remain a proudly defiant DIY band who write, rehearse, and record their music in a converted barn and travel in a window cleaner’s van. The trio are driven by the unconventional songwriting of Tom Fuller, who puts an introspective slant on social observations through cryptic wordplay and metaphor, with lyrics often dystopian in their outlook, often reflective and always deeply personal; lead guitarist Will Johnson, a film maker and visual artist whose unrestrained and highly unusual sound is due to the fact that, remarkably, he had never picked up a guitar before joining the band; and bassist Marcell Haslewood, a lifeguard finding his way via a combination of ambience and dub and a unique approach to playing that invariably defies expectation.

This versatile, chameleon-like sound is one of the band’s biggest assets, moving through dark, psychedelic dub-rock, to soaring rhythms and bold, inventive percussion.