EP Review: Backseat Bandits – Endless Vacation

Backseat Bandits are a funky reggae band from Unley in Australia – they’ve just released a new EP titled Endless Vacation. Their music has an infectious sound to it and it’s quite rare that I get to listen to music from this genre, so I felt it was definitely worth checking out, and I did not find myself disappointed!

By Jane Howkins

The EP contains just three tracks in total, making it sound short yet sweet. The opener is more of an intro song, but it sounds no less fantastic than the other two tracks contained here. It’s titled Endless Vacation (Intro) and starts off slow, before the typical reggae rhythm kicks in, setting the tone for the rest of the EP. The vocals mix rapping and singing together and whilst I did feel they were a little quiet compared to the music, they suited the song well. It’s catchy and will have you tapping your feet along instantly.

Rainbow Wagon is the next song, having a slightly more aggressive and frantic feel to it, in part due to the faster rhythm of the track. The vocals sounded more prominent here and I loved how the guitars sounded – they have that perfect ska sound to them. The guitar disappears for part of the verse, leaving the bass to provide the majority of the instrumentation. Things slow down a little towards the end, with a dreamy outro ending the track.

Devil’s Show is the last song on Endless Vacation, having a more casual feel to it. The guitar effects in the background really made it sound dreamy and the bass takes prize position here, although it does have a minimalist sound to it. It’s less of a toe-tapper than the previous tunes but it feels very relaxed, closing the EP off nicely.

Endless Vacation is a great EP and it’s wonderful to hear a band producing some unique sounding reggae like this. It won’t be for everyone but if you like this style of music then I would recommend checking this out – it sounds rather different from some of the more generic reggae that you sometimes hear. Check out Backseat Bandits’ social media pages below to find out more!