Album Review: Skinny Lister – A Matter Of Life And Love

Folk-punk band Skinny Lister are back with a new album titled A Matter Of Live And Love – I’ve been following them for a while so was quite interested to see what the new album would be like and I’m pleased to say that I really enjoyed it. It’s impossible not to love the songs on offer and old and new fans should find plenty to love here.

By Jane Howkins

Opener Shout It Out is classic Skinny Lister fare, with the song being an upbeat folk-punk track with Celtic influences and big choruses that sound perfect for singing along to. It’s a great opener and one that cements the band’s sound in style. The next two songs (Tough Stuff Like Us, Like It’s The First Time) are a little different – although there are some folky elements, the tracks are more like straight up rock songs, and I also felt that there was something of a post-punk feel present. It’s interesting to hear Skinny Lister trying something a little different, even if it doesn’t rock the boat too much. The title track & Bavaria Area also sound like a bit of a departure from their usual sound, with both tracks having an old school ska feel to them – this seems almost like a natural progression from Skinny Lister’s folk-punk origins and is a welcome change.

Damn The Amsterdam is a sea shanty featuring The Longest Johns – whilst it might seem like the band are jumping on the recent sea shanty bandwagon, they’ve always created songs like this, being ahead of the trend. Old time fans should lap this up instantly. Embers is a pretty folk ballad sung by female vocalist Lorna Thomas and sounds absolutely beautiful at times and Life At A Loose End has something of a vintage punk vibe to it, reminding me very much of a Blondie song.

A Matter Of Life And Love sees Skinny Lister branching out and trying something new, whilst also retaining their own style. It’s fantastic to hear the band experimenting with new ideas, yet they never go so far as to alienate their current fans, which is a triumph in my humble opinion. I can’t wait to hear how these new songs translate live!