EP Review: Couldn’t Be Happiers – Songs For Butchie Vol. 1

I’ve featured Couldn’t Be Happiers music here before and loved what I heard, so I decided it would be a good opportunity to check the band’s EP Songs For Butchie Vol. 1 out. For those who haven’t heard of them before, Couldn’t Be Happiers create folk music that also has elements of country and Americana in it, although the folk elements are the main genre on offer here.

By Jane Howkins

Treehouse is the first song on the EP, a track that I reviewed on its own a while back. The song is instantly catchy and the frantic rhythm and main melody will get your feet tapping along almost instantly. It’s a fantastic opening song and I would recommend listening to this song first off, to get you into the spirit of the EP. The male and female vocals intertwine in lovely fashion and the Celtic folk aspects sound great.

Lightning & Thunder is the next song up, having a slightly slower feel to it. This song is more of a ballad than the previous track, and it sounds like a traditional Irish folk song. The violin line is stunning and the song has a really beautiful feel to it – the guitar melodies are subtle but work perfectly with the rest of the music. Couldn’t Be Happiers are a husband and wife duo and the way their vocals line up together really helps to show the love they have for each other.

The Earthquake Song is up next, having a faster tempo to it than Lightning & Thunder. The chorus is rather simple but this just makes it sound catchier and listeners will find themselves wanting to sing along with joy almost instantly. The guitar melodies and rhythm give the song something of a 50s/60s country vibe, which when mixed with the Celtic themes, makes for a lovely mix of styles.

November is the last song on the EP, once again bringing the tempo down again. It’s not quite as slow as Lightning & Thunder but it certainly doesn’t have the frantic feel of the opening track, although the rhythm does kick into a bit of a stomp later on. It’s a great closing song and helps to display Couldn’t Be Happiers songwriting talents off perfectly.

Couldn’t Be Happiers are a fantastic duo and I highly recommend checking out Songs For Butchie Vol.1 if you’re into folk or country music of any form. I hope that there will be a Songs For Butchie Vol. 2 but in the meantime make sure you check out their website and their socials below for more info!